Hanami, Enjoy the Beauty of Blooming Cherry Blossoms


Hanami is a Japanese traditional custom of enjoying the beauty of blooming sakura flowers, the iconic flower of the Japanese country. The hanami festival typically held in late March through May and last for few days to a few weeks. The festival dates on each location in japan can be vary as some part of Japan get spring earlier than the others. Hanami is abbreviation of hana wo miru which means seeing the flowers.

How to enjoy Hanami

People will gather under the blooming cherry blossoms to enjoy the beauty of sakura flower with family, and friends while eating and drinking together. The traditional beverage for hanami is sake but you can also drink tea. The celebration begin in the day and usually last until night.

Best Place to Celebrate Hanami

Hanami is one in a year festival so if you want to come and enjoy the beauty of cherry blossom on hanami festival, here is some good place to enjoy hanami

Osaka Castle, Osaka


Osaka Castle located in Osaka is one of the most favorited place  to enjoy hanami. The castle is surrounded by cherry, plum and sakura trees that will bloom in spring. the scenery of the castle with blooming sakura flowers is beautiful

Goryokaku Park, Hokkaido


Located in Hakodate city on Hokkaido, There are about 1600 sakura trees planted in Goryokaku Park that was famous through the Battle of Hakodate. The landscape become so beautiful when lit up at night.

Meguro River, Tokyo


About 800 cherry trees line Meguro River for several hundred meters and create an amazing sight. However, as a concrete canal, Meguro River does not offer a very natural surrounding for blossom viewers. During the Nakameguro Sakura Festival, the trees are lit up in the evenings. It’s a good place for a walk. There are several trendy shops, cafes and restaurants in the area.

seeing sakura flowers when they are blooming is so refreshing and unforgettable experience. it will brush away all your stresses as you watch many sakura flowers blooming all at once in a beautiful scene

photography of blooming sakura blossom

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