Best Hotels and Destinations for Romantic Honeymoon


Each couple will definitely want to spend their time on vacation after passing flurry care of the wedding party. A romantic honeymoon can be a lasting memory in their lives. Whether going to remote islands and enjoying the beach and the sunset or looking for a quiet atmosphere and the cold mountains are two of the most popular choice among newlyweds.
Reporting from, Maldives and Tahiti are some of the favorite destinations for couples who wants to enjoy their romantic trip. Here are some other destinations and hotels which can be visited during your honeymoon.

Above Water Villas, Baros, Maldives

maldives villas

It is one of the most beautiful resorts in the world, here you will enjoy typical sunsets of the Indian Ocean directly from your the bed. You really will feel the incredible scenery of romantic time in the night on the sea accompanied by the sound of the ocean waves and the sunset. To be able to enjoy the villa above the water on a peninsula of the Indian Ocean, you need to spend from £ 675 or $ 878 per night.

Four Seasons Resort, Bora-Bora, Tahiti


The resort is located above the water, equipped with bedrooms that are spacious and comfortable, as well as a luxurious private bathroom. The place is also equipped with a private deck that directly leads to the sea.
To enjoy the thrill of the outdoors, you can see a direct view of Mount Otema that will take you on an incredible view. For an overnight stay, you and your partner will have to pay around £ 625 or $ 812 per night.

St. George Caye Resort, Belize


If you have a budget that is quite a lot and wants to enjoy the luxury atmosphere then you can visit St. George’s Caye. Here you can enjoy the exotic Caribbean Sea with the sky orange. In this place, you will sleep at the resort with hooded straw, a private bathroom, and a hammock.
Additionally, you can also enjoy stunning underwater beauty on this resort. To visit this place you need to set up £ 90 or about $ 117 per night.

Belmond Savute Elephant Camp, Botswana

Belmond Savute Elephant Camp

In this resort, you will be spoiled by natural wild scenery, typical of the African savanna. This place is a heaven for animals such as elephants, giraffes, and impala. Every once in while there will be special guests such as elephants and hyenas visiting the villas looking for food. However, do not worry because the animals here are benign and guarded by professional handlers. To spend your honeymoon here, you will need to spend around £ 1,709 or about $ 2222.


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